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Prices per hour:

Chief accountant 50 EUR/hour
Express works (chief accountant) 55 EUR/hour
Lawyer 90 EUR/hour
Attorney at law, the price is subject to agreement
Auditor, the price is subject to agreement

Prices do not include VAT (20%)

Price on the basis of entries:

The work of an accountant is mostly technical, entering information from source documents to accounting software (in other words, performs accounting entries).
A purchase or sales invoice and a bank entry are considered the original document.
Examining contracts and reflecting entries made on the basis of other documents are priced on an hourly basis.
Based on the entries and hourly fees, the accountant calculates the total work done at the end of the month and presents the client with an invoice (in the amount that corresponds to the work performed).
The following price list contains the price of the service formed on the basis of the entries, as well as the prices of special works, which cannot be calculated on the basis of the entries.
Prices do not include VAT.

A company that has suspended activity and has up to 20 entries 50 EUR
21–35 entries 58 EUR
36–50 entries 77 EUR
51–65 entries 87 EUR
66–80 entries 96 EUR
81–90 entries 106 EUR
91-100 entries 116 EUR
101–110 entries 131 EUR
111–120 entries 147 EUR
121–130 entries 162 EUR
131–140 entries 177 EUR
141–150 entries 192 EUR
151–160 entries 202 EUR
161–170 entries 212 EUR
171–180 entries 221 EUR
181–190 entries 231 EUR
191–200 entries 240 EUR
201–210 entries 250 EUR
211–220 entries 260 EUR
221–230 entries 269 EUR
231–240 entries 279 EUR
241–250 entries 288 EUR
251–260 entries 297 EUR
261–270 entries 304 EUR
271–280 entries 311 EUR
281–290 entries 320 EUR
291–300 entries 327 EUR
301–…………. entries, one entry 1,1 EUR

For companies with international documentation, we multiply the price by 1,3

Price list for special works:
Special works include services, which may be:

  1. an integral part to accounting services and that cannot be priced based on entries, or;
  2. services performed according to client’s special wishes.

The price 50 EUR/hour applies to the following services:

  1. Annual report (once a year);
  2. A drive to and representation at an agency;
  3. Filling and transferring statistics reports and other specific reports arising from the specific nature of the client;
  4. Processing specific and voluminous source documents;
  5. More complicated accounting-related consultations and longer client meetings;
  6. Accounting recovery (processing earlier periods and presenting accounting).
The price 55 EUR/hour applies to the following services:

Express works (e.g. preparation of a balance sheet and an income statement, and submitting to the person requested by the client, starting the express work immediately)

The company’s postal address service 20 EUR per month

Prices do not include VAT (20%)

Kaksi Consult OÜ has the right to change the price list at the beginning of each new calendar year by the consumer price index of the previous year, automatically.
OÜ Kaksi Consult reserves the right to change this pricelist by notifying about this 1 month in advance.
Upon a common agreement between the Purchaser and the Provider, the price for services may be different from this pricelist.
Reception time of accountants is at 9.00–17.00 on business days.