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Health insurance (how to get and how it ends)

Persons who work under the employment contract in Estonia are covered by health insurance, as well as persons who work or provide services under the law of obligations, Board Members and control management of the legal person, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs (FIE) and spouses involved in their activities.

(the minimum amount of social security contributions that will provide insurance in 2019 is 165.- EUR per month, comes from gross payment/rate 540.- eur)


Insurance with employment contract 


(contracts for more period than 1 month or for an indefinite period)

Insurance with board members contract



Voluntary health insurance

Health insurance begins ->

After 14 days from the entry in Employment Register.

(the entry must be made on the day the work starts)

On the next day from the submitting TSD declaration. (The date of the TSD is 10. every month)


insurance arises 1 month after the conclusion of the contract with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Health insurance expires ->

2 months after the date of termination of employment

Insurance is valid for 1 month! the timely declaration TSD and the tax payment prolongs insurance by 1 month each time.

upon expiry of the term of the contract, or he/she resides in a foreign country. The policyholder has the right to cancel the contract for good reason.

pays a tax



The insured person himself, each month in the amount of 165.- eur (2019)

The basis for insurance >

Conclusion of employment contract

Conclusion of a board member agreement

The person himself concludes a contract with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund

The right
to insurance


The person for whom the insurance is paid

1. a person who has been insured for at least twelve months in the last two years; or

2. the insured person has paid for himself or for he/she has been paid social tax, in the previous calendar year at least at a mandatory rate; or

3. if a person receives a pension from a foreign state, unless otherwise provided by international agreements.