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Contact person (if the Board Member`s living place is abroad) from January 15, 2018

The owner (founder) of the company may be a foreign person, with someone or completely alone.

But company is always represented by a board member, elected by the owner.

The owner may have two roles, both: the owner and the board member.

Board member is responsible for the daily activities.

New requirement from 15.01.2018:

If the company’s board member or its substitute body is located in a foreign country, the company MUST determine the contact person.

(This requirement applies to the board member, not to the owner!)

In such a case, contact person can be ONLY a notary, notary office, advocate, law firm, sworn auditor, audit firm, non-resident tax representative within the meaning of the Taxation Act, or a provider of services for trusts and companies specified in ยง 7 of the Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Act .

The address of the contact person is then considered as the address of the company.

The Commercial register must be submitted: the name or business name of the contact person, personal or registry code, address, and the representative address.

Also the contact person’s consent, with the digital signature or signed by a contact person in a notary.

If the company has not appointed a contact person, the registrar shall set a deadline, not less than one month, but not more than three months, for the appointment of a contact person. If the company does not appoint a contact person within the term specified, the registrar may decide to terminate the company compulsory dissolution or delete it from the register.

The contact person is responsible for delivering letters to the company’s board.

(At first glance, getting a contact person can be quite complicated, lets see how in practice)